Do I receive the customer’s money and can I set my own profit margins?
Your website is YOUR BUSINESS. Just as if a customer comes into your store, you set the profit margin (the gross profit margin can be based across the whole website, or per product category, or per brand). When an order is placed on your website, you get paid first. You collect the money from the customer.  If you choose to have a vendor within our network drop-ship the order, they will then bill your account for the wholesale net price, plus shipping and a per order drop ship fee.
How do I know if my website has a customer order?
When an order is placed by a customer on your website, you will receive an email notification with the order information. Then, go to your Administration Menu of your website and process the order for payment and shipping.
Can orders be drop-shipped for my store?
Yes! The vendors within our network will drop-ship any product that is placed on the website through their product feeds. You may also choose to ship the order from your store stock. It’s your choice!
Can I add other products/product lines to my website store?
Yes! You may add other products and product lines very easily to your website. There are no limits to the amount of products or informational pages you may add to your new website.
Can I easily customize my store and add more web pages?
Yes! More pages can very easily be added and there is no limit.  Additional pages are added using a WYSIWYG workspace and feature a no programming environment. Depending on your skill set, you may use HTML to enhance your website if you wish. If you would like to have a customized look to your website and need assistance, please let us know and we would be happy give you a free quote.
Can I easily change the colors of my site?
Yes! It is as easy as just clicking on a color chart in the Administration back-end of your website.
Can I use my current credit card processor for my website orders?
Yes!  We suggest you continue to use you current credit card processor. If you are not using a Gateway, you will need to manually enter the customer’s card information for approval. When a Gateway is installed, it automatically handles the approval process. Your new website offers the most common Gateways.
Can I add this website/store to my current website?
Yes! Single or multiple hyperlinks can easily be added to your current site, this will send your customers to your new eCommerce store.
How do I move my store's URL/website address to your servers?
Contact the company where you purchased your URL/web address from and request to move the DNS (domain name server) to our host server: Most of these companies allow you to make the change yourself using their Account Management utility.  Our server settings are:

Do I get FREE technical support?
Yes! We offer unlimited FREE technical support via email. You’ll have access to a wonderful Support Website complete with tutorial videos and a Getting Started Handbook is provided to all website customers. Custom programming is available. Please call Pro-Active Websites at 847-398-5444 to discuss your project. 
Can you help me to build or customize my site?
If you would like us to develop custom website pages for you, there is an hourly fee. Please call Pro-Active Websites at 800-687-4225 to discuss your project and a quote will be provided.
How fast can I get set-up and started?
To set-up your store, it usually takes 5 – 10 business days after we receive your stores URL/web address on our servers and signed paperwork.
Can I easily post products from my website on eBay?
Yes!  Your new website works with eBay’s TurboLister2 upload utility. Just a few clicks your products are easily posted on eBay.
How do I get set-up with PayPal?
Go to www.paypal.com and sign up.
How do I get set-up with Google Check-Out?
Go to www.google.com and sign up.